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Innovative concept of packaging design
Peter Zhuangke, a famous business thinker in the 20th century, believed that business has two functions-marketing and innovation. This article is a fusion of these two concepts. Essentially, packaging is a marketing tool, the last marketing message your customers see before they buy your product. If your product is sold in a retail store, then packaging design will become a major factor in measuring the success of your product. Nowadays, to make your product stand out from hundreds of similar products, you have to design it differently. See what your competitors are doing, while ensuring that your design is unique. Innovative packaging will make your product eye-catching, help you build your brand, and give your product a human touch. Whether you like it or not, people often judge the quality of your product first through packaging. So, how can you make your packaging design unconventional? You can spend thousands of dollars to get some ideas from a packaging design company, or you can think about it yourself. Here are ten ideas that can stimulate your thinking and help you come up with innovative packaging. 1. Design reusable packaging The small beverage market has matured and competition is fierce. If you think there is nothing new and interesting here, then you are wrong. POM Tea company launched a special packaging. Its product itself is very special-it is tea with pomegranate juice. The packaging is even more worth mentioning: the drink is packed in a commonly used long glass product with a lid and a heat-shrinkable label, which says: remove the label and leave the bottle. The product is about $2.79 a bottle, which is not expensive for bottled tea, but you can get a free glass bottle without worrying about recycling. 2. Add a small decoration to the packaging Sometimes your packaging is very standardized, and adding some small modifications can make it unique. AMY’S KITCHEN made such a change in its pasta sauce production line. The sauce is packaged in standard-size jars, with standard color labels. What distinguishes it from a lot of products is its paper and the golden ring on the lid of the can. It looks like a grandmother's packaging, so it's hard not to pay attention to it when you walk across the shelf. 3. Put packaging design first Many people think that products should be put first and packaging second. But Method Products is just the opposite. They focused on the design of the packaging from the beginning-they wanted to design a beautiful packaging, you don't have to hide it to hide the ugliness. They have designed a series of high-quality cleaning supplies and packaging, which can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom like decorations. These products are very prominent in supermarkets. 4. Design the packaging to be interesting Interesting packaging is not just a patent for children, adults also like interesting things. The mainstream design style that occupies the packaging of children's products, such as bright colors and different general shapes, can also be used in the packaging design of adult products, and it can only be more refined. The first industry that incorporates "fun" elements in packaging design is the wine industry. As long as you spend some time visiting the local small shops, you can find horses, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans, etc. on the labels of many wine bottles. There is no need to prepare a penguin-shaped bottle, just printing a penguin on it is enough to make it eye-catching. 5. Show off the color of the product CANDLE-LITE is a giant in the candle industry with 160 years of candle manufacturing history. Their packaging is not peculiar, they only use transparent bottles, but the colors used are really amazing. They painted the multi-layer candles with bright colors and let the colors shine through the transparent glass bottles. The back of the label on the surface of the bottle is white, which highlights the color of the candle in the bottle. Therefore, they can be easily distinguished from other similar products on the candle shelves in the supermarket. 6. Double-sided printing-extend your label If your product is a transparent liquid, packed in a transparent bottle, then there is a way to give you more packaging design space, and the cost is very low. I mean you can print something on the back of the label. Of course, regular information cannot be placed on the back of the label, but you can print content such as debates, stories about the company, or suggestions for better use of the product. This is a very simple way to give your customers more information without destroying the image of the packaging. 7. Try a metallic look Many labels are printed on white or transparent materials, but you also have many other options. One solution worth considering is to use metal foil as a label or packaging. If the design is good, the metal appearance is much better than the white one, and it will not be much more expensive. 8. Design packaging based on the
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Classification of food packaging design materials
Food packaging design is a comprehensive reflection of brand concepts, product characteristics, and consumer psychology, and is a powerful means to establish product affinity with consumers. Food packaging design ensures that the packaged food can withstand various destructive forces from the outside world during storage, transportation, and handling, while also ensuring that the packaging is beautiful and generous. Therefore, different products have different requirements for packaging materials. There are many types of packaging materials with different characteristics. Glass is one of the commonly used packaging materials, and its main characteristics are beautiful, hygienic, low cost, and low environmental pollution. The advantages of glass packaging: good barrier properties, not easy to deform, easy to seal, and easy to beautify. The disadvantage is that it is fragile and bulky. Plastic packaging has the characteristics of lightness, corrosion resistance, rich and beautiful colors, abundant material sources and low cost, and is widely used in food packaging. Disadvantages: Compared with glass materials, the barrier properties are worse, not easy to degrade, and cause more serious pollution to the environment. Paper packaging occupies a very important position in the modern packaging industry. Compared with other packaging materials, paper packaging has excellent printing performance, good hygiene and safety, diverse varieties, wide applications and environmental protection. With the development of science and technology, edible packaging paper is an important development direction of modern food packaging. Metal packaging materials have high barrier properties, good formability, high and low temperature resistance, good surface decoration, and easy recycling. The choice of food packaging materials should be based on product characteristics, packaging and storage methods, scientifically select packaging materials with good protective functions, and use technological means to carry out reasonable structural design and packaging beautification design for the packaged goods. It is necessary to ensure the quality of the contents and the need to extend the performance of the shelf life, and do not increase the cost of packaging due to excess quality and performance. In short, packaging materials are a kind of reprocessing of products.
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What are the food packaging materials
With the improvement of people's living standards, more attention is paid to the quality of life. The use of packaging bags is essential for food storage and market circulation, and the safety of food packaging bag materials is also very important.  The following briefly introduces three common food packaging bag materials 1. PE polyethylene  The main ingredient is polyethylene resin, with a small amount of lubricants, aging agents and other additives. Polyethylene is an odorless, non-toxic, waxy solid with a milky white appearance. The surface gloss and transparency of the produced packaging bags are not high. Good plasticity.  1. Good barrier performance: Effectively prevent water and moisture from entering, but the barrier performance is not very good.  2. Strong chemical stability: It does not react with acids and alkalis at room temperature, but has poor oil resistance.  3. Mechanical properties: good tensile strength, tear strength and flexibility.  4. High temperature and low temperature resistance: It has good low temperature resistance and can be used for food refrigeration, but it has poor high temperature resistance and cannot be cooked with frequent high temperatures.  5. Hygiene and safety: in line with food safety standards, it can be in direct contact with food. 2. PP polypropylene  The main component is polypropylene resin, which has high gloss and transparency, and its heat-sealability is worse than PE, but better than other plastic materials.  1. The barrier performance is better than PE, and the strength, hardness and rigidity are higher than PE;  2. Hygienic safety is higher than PE  3. Excellent high temperature resistance, can be used for a long time at a temperature of 100 to 200 degrees Celsius, but the low temperature resistance is worse than PE, and the performance becomes brittle when it reaches -17 degrees Celsius.  Polypropylene is mainly made of food packaging bags made of film materials. It has better water resistance and moisture resistance than PT. The material is transparent and tear-resistant, but the printability is worse than PT and the cost is lower. It can be used for twisted packaging of sweets and snacks. It can also be made into heat-shrinkable film, used for food heat-shrink packaging, such as food vacuum packaging bags and other composite packaging bags. Three, PS polystyrene "The main component is a polymer of styrene monomer. The material is transparent and has good gloss.  1. The moisture resistance is worse than PE, the chemical stability is general, and it has higher rigidity, but it is more brittle.  2. Good low temperature resistance, but poor high temperature resistance, not higher than 60~80 degrees Celsius.  3. Good safety factor.  It is mainly made into food boxes, fruit plates, tableware, cold drink cups, etc. Food packaging bag materials commonly include composite films made of different types of plastics such as PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene, PS polystyrene, melamine, and composite packaging bags made of composite materials such as multi-layer and laminated films. These materials vary according to different materials. The characteristics and different processing techniques can produce different kinds of packaging bags such as rice vacuum packaging bags, dog food self-supporting zipper bags, condiment plastic packaging bags, tea packaging bags, etc.
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Five major innovation trends in the future packaging industry
1. The traditional style regained its vitality The ancient style of commodity packaging not only plays an important role in the trend, but also conveys a sense of reliability. Based on this, many brands and products can more easily gain the attention of consumers, because they know that they can be trusted by the public, and packaging happens to be able to convey this key message. 2. Personalized packaging begins to prevail At present, personalized packaging has become one of the effective tools used by brands to attract customers. Brand suppliers have begun to use the Internet and social media to increase their corporate influence. Consumers have a deeper understanding of the term "private customization" than before. For example, Heinz ketchup, which is popular in the United States with a personal name as a label, is very popular because you can give it as a gift to your friends and lovers. At the same time, technological progress has made products more creative and cheaper, and the rise of personalized packaging has well reflected the vitality of the packaging industry. 3. Sub-packaging is emphasized In order to be successful in the market, brand owners need to understand the potential needs of consumers. Product packaging can also help consumers to distinguish the specific amount without knowing the amount of consumption, which makes the product packaging look more "CUTE". 4. Creative packaging is popular For brand owners, the ultimate goal of a good packaging is to be able to win the attention of consumers on the supermarket shelves for the first time, so that they can finally buy, which is the so-called "love at first sight". In order to achieve this goal, brand owners must convey the uniqueness of their products when advertising. Similarly, some liquor brands choose to use old-fashioned design concepts to deliver trustworthy signals to consumers. Loyalty, simplicity and cleanliness are all important messages that brands want to convey to customers. To 5. Technology is constantly improving Now, technological innovation has produced a huge impetus in the packaging industry. How should we apply these innovative technologies to specific packaging? Natural and concise design, packaging rich in environmental protection concepts will always win the affirmation of consumers, and packaging that emphasizes functionality will also give consumers unexpected surprises.
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Packaging design that needs to talk about some principles
For brand owners, retail packaging has an irreplaceable role in marketing and promotion, because before consumers make a purchase decision, retail packaging is the last part of the interaction between consumers and the brand. Therefore, the design of the content and effect on the front of the retail packaging (the main display surface) should be able to aggregate the three major functions of brand promotion, marketing promotion, and product advertising. Professional packaging designers can enable the above three functions to be fully realized on the packaging, and even more functions can be achieved. Mr. Monogatari tells you carefully! ~ Principle 1: Position the brand For brand positioning, it is necessary to clarify the core values ​​of the company and its brand. When positioning a brand, you must not underestimate the understanding of today's consumers. You must repeatedly ask questions about the product that you may encounter, such as: Is this a unique value positioning? What are the main product advantages? Can it bring about the optimization of lifestyle? Can it help consumers gain convenience? When making product extensions for a new brand or an old brand, packaging designers must always bear in mind that attracting consumers’ attention is the most important goal.
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